As Little Black Books go Lara Asprey’s is as deliciously posh as they come...

Lara has become the go-to girl for well to do and famous singles
seeking a better class of cupid


The Little Black Book


Our Little Black Book is full of the world's most eligible singles, and is the first place we look when trying to find a match for our members.

If you feel you have a lot to offer and would like to be considered as a match for our members submit your details below.

joining the black book

The Little Black Book is our Holy Grail, our Network and what has set us apart from other agencies and websites from the day we started. It's full of quality singles who are all keen to meet someone and we use this pool of super eligible singles whenever we have Active Members on our books. 

In order for us to maintain this quality network we charge a £50 joining fee to process each application which is payable upon submission of this form. Please note this does not guarantee we will be able to match you with our members (although we will do our best).  It does include the following*:

1. We will invite you to meet us for a drink

Once a month, we invite our new applicants to meet us in person for a drink in London where we can get to you a little better and determine whether you could be a good match for our Active Members. Upon submission of your form you will receive an email with the next meeting date so lookout for an email from us!

2. You will be considered as a match for our Active members

By joining the Little Black Book you aren't a fully fledged member (please click here for more information on Membership) but when trying to match our members our Little Black Book is the first place we look. Unfortunately though, it doesn't guarantee we will be able to match.

3. You will be invited to our VIP events 

By joining our Little Black Book you will get regular invitations to our VIP events and parties all over London. 

*Please rest assured your details aren't shared with anyone and this information won't get posted online anywhere. It's purely for us to use in-house. We value discretion as much as you do.