Online Dating or Professional Matchmaker

So what are the benefits of leaving your love life to an Introduction Club? Isn't it easier to stick with online dating? Here at Asprey Introductions we like to think of ourselves as taking a totally fresh approach to finding your perfect match:


We personally meet all of our members and can vouch that they are who they say they are (we even require proof of identification so rest assured there won't be any unexpected surprises).. We only accept a specific type of clientèle and will only match you to people you've agreed to meet by seeing a photograph of them beforehand. 


We like to think of ourselves as niche in a very overcrowded space and one of the main reasons for members to join with us is they know they will be getting a unique calibre of clientèle.  


We believe success comes from matching members with similar interests, education and backgrounds and The Sloane Arranger prides itself on its ability to do that by only matching Sloaney sorts, - the super charming, attractive and eligible.


We get to know all our members and offering them a uniquely personal service. We genuinely have an interest in making sure our members find their perfect partners. 


We are flexible in ways that work for you so our membership packages are flexible to suit you and your busy lifestyle. That means you can go away on holiday or work for a few weeks or months, and come back and we'll be ready to pick things up right away.


Above all else, we truly care about our members and will go to all lengths to see that you have a successful membership. Whether that means walking down the aisle or moving in, we’re here for you and want you to reach your goal of finding love.

Asprey Introductions